DH-LM.08 : weight saving 40 kg for 3.5T vehicle range

The commercial vehicle industry is investing huge efforts and resources in developing light-weight and environmentally friendly inner-city distribution vehicles that can deliver merchandise over the last mile with maximum efficiency.  Since 4-cylinder cantilever tail lifts remain the predominant choice of transport companies in large parts of Europe, DHOLLANDIA is proud to launch a new lift model DH-LM.08, that fulfills all the requirements of a modern, efficient, clean and green distribution vehicle.

This DH-LM.08 will easily handle all cargo up to 750 kg nominal load. It uses carefully selected high-tensile steels and light-weight aluminium, combined with a clever design, to save weight and maximize the pay-load of the carrying vehicle, without compromising on safety, reliability and stability. Its main characteristics are:

  • Lift capacity 500-750 kg with 600 mm center of gravity
  • 4-cylinder technology, offering superior platform stability
  • New light-weight aluminum platform up to max. 1800 mm
  • Substantial weight saving on lift frame and mounting plates in comparison to the current DH-LM.10 (500-1000 kg)
  • Very versatile lift, available with a wide choice of value-adding options and extra equipment
  • Quick-fit mounting plates available for all popular brands of van chassis
  • Available in multiple wide-arm versions (lift arms on outside of chassis rails) or narrow-arm version (lift arms on inside of chassis rails) in function of the brand and type of van chassis
  • Suitable for trucks up to 1050 mm floor height
  • Equipped with a light-weight anodized aluminium bumper bar
  • Available with a towing hitch construction

Depending on the execution, the DH-LM.08 will give a WEIGHT ADVANTAGE OF 30 TO 40 KG over the current DH-LM.10. It will undoubtedly outperform most alternative 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder cantilever lifts on the market, and probably compete on similar level as some of the 2-cylinder lifts on offer. The gain in weight will be realized in various steps over the next couple of months, as newly designed components become available and can be incorporated. The DH-LM.10 remains fully available for higher floor levels (above 1050 mm) and higher lift capacities (1000 kg).

Should you require further information on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our technical-commercial staff members.