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Quality lifted further with ZINC-NICKEL finish for small parts


DHOLLANDIA has realized quantum leaps forward in the quality of finished product over the last decade. When DHOLLANDIA introduced Protection PLUS in 2007, this finish was right at the top of the average finish available in the tail lift industry. Some manufacturers offered zinc-phosphate plus powder coating. Other manufacturers offered epoxy KTL. But no one else offered the innovative technologies of 3-cation zinc-phosphate plus epoxy KTL plus polyester powder coating combined in one single finish process.

The introduction of HOT-DIP ZINC PLATING in 2012, was a next giant step towards offering maximum, unrivalled corrosion protection. DHOLLANDIA was the first manufacturer in mainland Europe to offer hot-dip zinc plating, or GALVANISED finish, as standard finish on a wide assortment of mainstream product. In the early days, clients could select either finish at the same price. Now, the large majority of clients choose to receive DHOLLANDIA lifts in hot-dip zinc plated finish for obvious quality reasons. Only a small portion of product is still supplied in Protection PLUS finish, which still ranks at the top of the available alternative finishes offered in the tail lift market.

Because of the great advantage that hot-dip zinc plating protects the outside and the inside of steel structures alike (*), the scope of application was quickly broadened from lift frames and mounting plates to complete steel cantilever platforms. (* e-coatings and conventional paint systems only provide outside corrosion protection, no inside enhancements).

Today, DHOLLANDIA embraces a prime-quality ZINC-NICKEL plating finish for the smaller mechanical structures, articulation pins, couplings, bolts, etc… ZINC-NICKEL offers a much better corrosion protection than the technologies used so far, apart from other advantages such as improved hardness and reduced hydrogen embrittlement. Qualities that will prove to be extremely useful on specific tail lift components, such has the articulation pins. Current plans also include the zinc-nickel plating of hydraulic cylinders. Apart from the rise in build quality, the assembly of zinc-plated cylinders on hot-dip zinc plated lift frames will definitely lead to more color homogeneity, and improved aesthetical looks.

Zinc-Nickel plating will be introduced gradually over the next couple of months, on newly built tail lifts first, and on spare parts for older lifts in a second phase. Loyal to the corporate values, these chemical processes are applied in state-of-the-art production lines, with maximum respect for our living environment.