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DH-CH003 with manually extensible platform undergoes major technical update

Few months after launching the 2016 generation of heavy-duty 350-500 kg cassette lifts DH-CH102 /  CH103,  DHOLLANDIA has lead the smaller 350 kg cassette lift DH-CH003 through an equivalent technological overhaul, and lifted it to a much higher level of finish and functionality.

The DH-CH101 / CH102 / CH103 have a single-piece platform and quite long cassette lengths, and are mainly installed on City & Intercity busses (CH102), long distance busses (CH102 / CH103) and coaches (CH101 / CH103). The updated DH-CH003 is much more compact, and is equipped with a manually extensible platform, ideal for installation on narrow body busses. Its design offers great versatility, and is suitable for multiple applications, such as:

The overhaul of the DH-CH003 is in line with technology changes introduced on the DH-CH102 / CH103 (see newsletter 13/06/2016). With full communication to the vehicle through the lift’s PCB, this lift applies for all applications on M2 and M3 class vehicles (where it is mandatory to have brakes and door signal). Despite the manual extension of the platform, the DH-CH003 is also very fast. A full wheelchair loadcycle (sliding out to work position, lowering to the ground, lifting up to bus floor level, retracting back into travel position) can be executed in less than 1:45 min.

Should you require more information on this subject, please don't hesitate to contact the national DHOLLANDIA distributor.